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Three gifts that only bookkeeping can give you! (with Jami Monte)

You are the CEO of your business - you deserve to know what is going on! My guest today believes that anyone can learn about bookkeeping - it is never too late - whether you are in your first year of business, or a seasoned veteran, the principles discussed in this episode apply to you! The numbers matter - and in today's episode we are sharing three different ways that knowing the basics about your bookkeeping can change your life, and your business...

The Family Meeting - how to make difficult conversations fun!

Business owners - when was the last time you sat down and had a real conversation with your family and/or key employees about your wishes for your business and your estate?

Three common tax audit flags... and how you can be prepared! (with special guest, Dean Blachford)

Did you know that there are some simple things you can do to help "audit-proof" yourself and your business? Or at the very least, by learning and implementing these practices, you will be CONFIDENT and prepared for the next audit that comes your way! Join me, and my special guest, tax lawyer Dean Blachford, as we break down three common areas of audit scrutiny, and what you can do to be prepared.

A fireside chat with a valuator - featuring special guest, JT Dhoot

Picture this. A roaring fire, hot cider in our mugs, snow falling softly outside. Sounds like a great time to learn about tax, right? For this episode of The Tax Chick Podcast, I invited my friend, JT Dhoot, to chat with me about a very festive topic... valuations :)

Estate Planning is Cool! with Mehul Gandhi

This is another cross-over episode of The Tax Chick Podcast - this time featuring the host of "The Mind Your Biz Podcast", financial advisor, Mehul Gandhi!

Estate Planning 101 with Christine van Cauwenberghe

Do you have a will? If yes, when was the last time you dusted it off? Do you know who is designated as a beneficiary on your insurance policies and/or your investments? Estate planning is not something to be taken lightly - getting some advice on the front end, can make all the difference for a smooth administration after your death.

Incorporation 101 - tackling some of the myths surrounding incorporation, with special guest Phil Guenther

In this episode, I continue the conversation about "incorporation" - join my friend Phil and I as we discuss some of the myths surrounding incorporation, and provide you with some "markers" to look for prior to making the leap!

Should I incorporate? A candid conversation with business owner, Erin Romeo, about her journey to incorporation

The #1 question I get asked by business owners is, "Should I incorporate?" My answer, "It depends." On this episode of the podcast, Erin and I chat about her journey to incorporation - including a candid discussion on overcoming some of the fears that almost stopped her from taking the leap.

We are all in this together - learn to face taxes head on! (with special guest, Lisa Niser)

Let's be honest. Tax season is not a fun time of year. Rushing to get your paperwork organized. Fingers crossed that you do not owe a huge sum of money to the government... but what if it did not have to be such a stressful time? Join me, and my guest, Lisa Niser, as we break down what you need to know about the tax system and how you can become a more active participant in your tax filing journey.

Death and Taxes (with Shruthi Raman and Vivek Swaminathan)

There are many misconceptions about what happens when you die. There is also a lot of fear. Join me and my special guests Shruthi and Vivek, as we discuss the fundamentals of taxation on death.

Financing for Entrepreneurs (with special guest, Candace Hrycan)

Are you curious to learn more about profitability, and planning for the growth of your business? Join me and my guest, Candace Hrycan (BDC), as we break down what you need to know about planning for the future!

State and Local Taxes 101: with special guest, Jamie Szal :-) (Brann & Isaacson)

This is a special bonus episode of the podcast - featuring special guest and fellow Tax Chick, Jamie Szal. Jamie breaks down the application of state and local taxes to US and Canadian businesses. If you are an e-commerce business, and/or if your business is providing services or products to the United States, then this episode is for you! (Or if you are just generally curious about the federal and state tax system in the US... because tax is fun!!!)

Sales Tax 101, with special guest, Jordan Brown

GST... HST... PST... so many acronyms, so little time! If you are a small business owner who has ever felt a little lost about sales taxes, then this episode is for you!

Where the snowbirds fly - a chat on cross-border tax issues (with special guest, Steven Flynn, Andersen Tax LLP)

Are you a Canadian who owns property in the US? Because of the border restrictions in 2020, did you decide to rent out your US property this year, or maybe sell it? Do you know the tax consequences of your decision? Join me, and my special guest, Steven Flynn, as we discuss some hot topics in cross-border tax that impact Canadians.

Choosing the Right Practice Area & Unexpectedly Rewarding Areas of Practice (with special guest, Emily Hirsekorn, Hirsekorn Coaching LLC)

Are you a law student or new lawyer that is struggling to figure out where you fit in the legal world? Do you feel like there are too many options? Do you feel overwhelmed with the decisions you are having to make? Then this episode is for you! I have a chat with lawyer and career coach, Emily Hirsekorn - we talk about building confidence, being open to new opportunities, navigating choices, and the importance of self-reflection.

Flip or Flop? When tax issues and real estate collide - House Flipper Edition (with guest, Anna Malazhavaya of Advotax Law)

Have you ever thought about buying a house and reselling it for a profit? Do you know what the principal residence exemption is? In this episode, I chat with fellow Tax Chick, Anna Malazhavaya, about the taxation of certain real estate transactions.

Corporate Styling 101: An interview with stylist Melanie Lippman

This podcast is about tax. But it is also about my life as a tax lawyer. In this bonus episode, I have a chat with New York stylist Melanie Lippman about how to navigate the new world of video calls and how to break down the barriers to personal style that have been created in our profession over the years.

An interview with a financial planner (with special guest, Janea Dieno)

Are you curious about what a financial advisor does, and whether you need one?

The headaches and triumps of a small business owner, with Holly Decker

Entrepreneurship can be a wild ride sometimes - join me, and my BFF, Holly Decker, as we break down the good and the scary parts of starting your own business.

Tax Litigation 101, with Sophie Virji

In this episode, Sophie and I discuss all aspects of the tax resolution process - right from the initial audit, all the way through to an appeal to the Tax Court of Canada.

A candid discussion on business structures, with guest Jared Pilon

Everything you ever wanted to know about the different options for business structures... and also a little bit about the taxation of those structures!

The man behind the music - a casual chat with Craig Clement, the creator of my intro/outro music!

A special bonus episode where I chat with the creator of the intro/outro music for this podcast - Craig Clement.

When family law matters and tax collide: traps your family law professional needs to know about

In this episode, my law partner, Kim Visram, joins me for a candid conversation on key tax issues that a person needs to keep in mind when separating/divorcing - we discuss taxation of spousal and child support, the child tax credit, the importance of interspousal agreements (i.e., the "pre-nup"), and alternative dispute resolution as a means of resolving family law issues.

You are not an island - why collaborating with other professionals is a "must" for wealth succession

Today's guest is corporate life insurance specialist, Tracy Duff - join us as we discuss the importance of a team approach to estate planning and business succession.

Bookkeeping 101 with Tasha Baier

What is a bookkeeper and why do you need one? A candid discussion on the ABC's of bookkeeping.

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