Choosing the Right Practice Area & Unexpectedly Rewarding Areas of Practice (with special guest, Emily Hirsekorn, Hirsekorn Coaching LLC)

Are you a law student or new lawyer that is struggling to figure out where you fit in the legal world? Do you feel like there are too many options? Do you feel overwhelmed with the decisions you are having to make? Then this episode is for you! I have a chat with lawyer and career coach, Emily Hirsekorn - we talk about building confidence, being open to new opportunities, navigating choices, and the importance of self-reflection.
I have spoken previously about how tax law was not the area where I expected to build my career - yet, it is the place I feel most fulfilled.  In this episode, I chat with lawyer and career coach, Emily Hirsekorn, on how to navigate the many options available to young lawyers starting their careers.  Emily works with both mid-career and emerging lawyers - in this episode, we chat about: (1) how to choose your path (9:05); (2) how to build confidence in yourself and your career choices - hello imposter syndrome! (25:40); and (3) the importance of checking with yourself (41:30).  I have always had a business coach throughout my career, and the advice that Emily provides on this episode is true for new lawyers, but also for those of us who have been practicing for awhile! 

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