Estate Planning is Cool! with Mehul Gandhi

This is another cross-over episode of The Tax Chick Podcast - this time featuring the host of "The Mind Your Biz Podcast", financial advisor, Mehul Gandhi!
Mehul and I met through social media almost a year ago - he is a financial planner and business owner that also believes in the power of collaboration, and promotes the importance of building your "team".  He also happens to be a fellow podcaster, and so we decided it would fun to hook up our fancy microphones and record one of our chats!

We recognize that "estate planning" can seem very overwhelming.  It is hard to know where to start, and often we just want to rip the bandaid off and get it done as quickly as possible.  But we believe that estate planning is "cool", and can actually be an empowering and uplifting process - as long as you are open to the process and willing to ask the tough questions. 
In this episode, we break down what you need to know about: (1) foundational estate planning documents (i.e., what is the difference between a Will, a Power of Attorney, and a health care directive, and what should you know about beneficiary designations on life insurance policies and investments) [14:30]; (2) how "fair" does not always mean "equal" in estate planning [31:31]; and (3) a discussion about what retirement planning should really entail, and how collaboration amongst your advisors can make all the difference in getting peace of mind during the planning process [34:17]. 

Mehul and I have the same goal when working with clients on the estate planning process - we want you to be able to sit down with your friends at the end of our meetings and be able to explain your "plan".  You deserve to know what you own, and how those assets can be used for a comfortable retirement!

If you are struggling with how to "start" working on your estate planning, then this episode is for you!

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