Financing for Entrepreneurs (with special guest, Candace Hrycan)

Are you curious to learn more about profitability, and planning for the growth of your business? Join me and my guest, Candace Hrycan (BDC), as we break down what you need to know about planning for the future!
Cash flow projections.  Key Performance Indicators. Working Capital. Business Plans. Credit Scores.

If you are a business owner, you need to know and understand what these phrases mean for you and your business.  But, let’s face it - most of us do not enjoy pouring over spreadsheets and looking at numbers.  Do not fear - my friend Candace Hrycan is here to break it down for you!  Candace has over a decade of experience in the commercial banking world - in this episode we discuss: (1) What new business owners need to know about business planning, teamwork, and financing; (2) What business owners in the growth phase of their business need to keep in mind in order to maximize their profits and cash flow (27:03); and (3) Credit Scores - how to check your own credit history and how to improve upon a “bad” credit history (45:30).

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