We are all in this together - learn to face taxes head on! (with special guest, Lisa Niser)

Let's be honest. Tax season is not a fun time of year. Rushing to get your paperwork organized. Fingers crossed that you do not owe a huge sum of money to the government... but what if it did not have to be such a stressful time? Join me, and my guest, Lisa Niser, as we break down what you need to know about the tax system and how you can become a more active participant in your tax filing journey.
It is 3 days before the tax filing deadline.  You are scrambling around your house, gathering up boxes and random pieces of paper.  You rush down to the office of the accountants who prepared your tax return last time and leave your documents at the front desk asking for anyone to just get your tax return done.  You get an email from the firm providing a copy of your return and promptly delete it.   It is probably correct - they know what they are doing, right?  And besides, you do not understand those forms anyway!

Does this sound like you?

If yes, it's ok.  We have all been there.  On today's episode of the podcast, I am chatting with fellow tax chick, Lisa Niser.  Lisa is a tax accountant from Chicago - and she is working to change the way that you think about your relationship with your accountant.  What if things did not have to look like the scenario described above?  What if your accountant did more than just file your tax returns?  What if they were also a trusted business advisor for you?  My friends - this is possible. 

On today's episode, Lisa and I chat about the basic things you need to know about the tax system (6:50) and common questions that cause stress to new entrepreneurs (18:33).  We also discuss a new project that Lisa has been working on - providing education and support to lawyers who are entering into partnership (33:34).  This episode is applicable to all taxpayers - whether business owners or individuals - and regardless of whether you live in Canada or the US.  Join us for a "fun" conversation about tax!

Check out Lisa's LinkedIn account for a great series of posts on how to read your tax return.   On the Canadian side, I did a series of blog posts in March/April 2021 on how to read your Canadian tax return - I encourage you to check out these resources!



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