THE TAX CHICK PODCAST LIVE!!!! The Estate Planning Toolkit - the importance of collaboration amongst advisors! (Part II)

Welcome to part two of the LIVE EPISODE of the podcast with my special guest Jos Herman. In this episode we cover: (1) shareholder agreements (2) corporate-owned life insurance; and (3) beneficiary designations/joint ownership of property. Missed part I? I encourage you to go back to Episode 10 for a discussion on: (1) What is estate planning? (2) Estate freezes and (3) Trusts.
So excited to release this two-part series on estate planning - this episode (as well as Episode 10) was recorded LIVE in Banff, Alberta at the CPA Small Practitioner's Forum!   My special guest and I are talking all about what estate planning means to us - and how completing your "estate plan" is about more than just the three-legged stool (the will, the power of attorney, and the health care directive).  Estate planning is a lifelong process - your plan will evolve over time!

In the second part of this series, please join us for a discussion on... (1) Shareholders' Agreements (2:30), (2) Corporate-owned life insurance (8:00), and (3) Hot topics (16:30).  What are the "hot topics"?  Well, we chat about how estate planning is about more than just the immediate client that is in front of you - it is also relevant to know about family dynamics!  In addition, we chat about the importance of documenting intention when providing a gift in lifetime - and the sticky issues that can arise when a child is added onto a bank account or legal title to property.   Towards the end of the episode, we share a portion of the rapid fire question and answer period of our presentation - thank you to participants for your engagement! 

For a more fulsome discussion of the topic of joint ownership, check out Season 2, Episode 10 with special guest, Christine van Cauwenberghe.

And, if you are curious to learn more about insurance, check out Season 2, Episode 9 "Insurance 101" with special guests Tracy Duff and Jerry Gedir.

A huge shout-out to the organizers of the Forum, and to the lovely folks at Proshow Audiovisual and Tall Girl Conference Planning who helped to make this possible!

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