Three gifts that only bookkeeping can give you! (with Jami Monte)

You are the CEO of your business - you deserve to know what is going on! My guest today believes that anyone can learn about bookkeeping - it is never too late - whether you are in your first year of business, or a seasoned veteran, the principles discussed in this episode apply to you! The numbers matter - and in today's episode we are sharing three different ways that knowing the basics about your bookkeeping can change your life, and your business...
Quickbooks.  Credits and Debits.  Profit and Loss statements.  Receipts.  Cash Flow. 

Did any of those words make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?  In today's episode of the podcast, we are going to tackle these words head on - take back the power! 

Bookkeeping and document organization come up so often with my clients.  It seems like this is the universal stressor for most business owners.  So, it felt appropriate to have another episode on the topic!  Don't fear - this is not a technical episode.  Instead, I am chatting with my fabulous guest about all of other things that you can use your bookkeeping for... it is not just to be prepared for the dreaded audit!  My guest, Jami Monte, describes herself as "not your parent's accountant"... she is fun, she is high energy and she believes that everyone can learn about their numbers! 

We are tackling the following topics:  (1) the "big eyeball moment" when someone truly sees their numbers for the first time (9:20); (2) how bookkeeping is the foundation for being ready for an audit (19:29); and (3) the client experience - how keeping your bookkeeping in order can actually improve the experience for the end user (29:51).... and we finish off with some fun "hot topics" where we chat about automation and the pros and cons of outsourcing your books versus doing it yourself (35:22).

P.S. My very first podcast episode EVER was with Tasha Baier - my bookkeeper!  I have often spoken about how I find numbers and spreadsheets stressful.  However, after meeting Tasha, I no longer want to bury my head in the sand when I have to put my documents together.  Tasha and I had a great chat about what it means to be a "bookkeeper" and the different ways you can utilize a bookkeeper in your business.

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